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The Smoke Detector: What to do with client records if you retire, sell or merge your practice

Times are changing in the CPA profession. The age of technology is upon us, and most CPAs have slowly but surely started to migrate to the world of practicing paperless. However, we, as CPAs, still seem to be perpetually drowning in paper. Client files, audit workpapers or old tax returns...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: Technology's Impact on the CPA Profession

I'm a big fan of the TV show, Shark Tank, so I was curious when I came across Lindsay Patterson’s blog, “That Time I Told Mark Cuban He Was Wrong About the CPA Profession.“ Cuban was speaking at the SXSW Conference and Festival and stated, “we'll see more technological advances over the next...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: Do You Know How Blockchain is Changing Business?

During the most recent Professional Issues Update last fall, Gary Bolinger introduced blockchain as an emerging technology. Did any of you fellow PIU attendees catch this? I listened and wondered what is blockchain, and also if Gary was off his rocker? I have heard of bitcoin but not...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: See What Technology Can Do For You

What is the overarching goal in a for-profit business? You can find the answer within the question – profit. While organizations focus on client and customer satisfaction, product development and operational activities on a daily basis, business owners are primarily concerned with the...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: What is Your 'App-titude' for Identity Theft?

Some may consider it a joyous event, while others dread its very existence. Nevertheless, the day has arrived. It’s not the inauguration of a new President and that we can finally put another election cycle to rest (for now). Even more recent than this fact, is that the Internal Revenue...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: Trends and Predictions for the CPA Profession in 2017

The CPA profession is continually evolving in response to the changing world. The profession must continue to adapt to the changing needs of clients and organizations in order to maintain relevance. With a new year upon us, what are some predictions for the CPA profession in 2017? A recent ...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: Countdown to the Top 10 Blogs of 2016

As with every year, several topics arose during 2016 that garnered the attention of our profession. We have an informative library of well-written articles on our CPA Center of Excellence® Online Community , which made narrowing the selection a fun exercise. From bold challenges and...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: What Measures Are You Taking To Secure Data?

With all of the attention security breaches are causing, it has to make you think about your company data (and personal information, of course) and how well it is protected. Target and Home Depot are huge companies that have an inordinate amount of IT staff to help protect them and their...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: Big Data Provides Big Opportunities

Trending topics these days in the accounting world include a lot on the subject of Big Data. According to an EY report released last spring titled Big Data: Changing the Way Businesses Compete and Operate , Big Data is the massive volume of data that is too large, which makes it difficult to...