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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: Moving Toward a New Learning Model

Change is never easy. However, to improve and progress, change is necessary. From my time serving on the AICPA Council, it was very apparent Indiana was a leader in the profession. This is again true with the historic rule change adopted by the Board of Accountancy in July, signed by Gov....

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The Smoke Detector: Who Would Have Guessed Our Profession Would Break Another Barrier? Well. Maybe

It finally happened. Many of us thought the day would never come. However, in approximately three weeks it becomes a reality. For years, I’ve wondered (and honestly even joked about) if it would ever occur … CPAs on television or the big screen. The movie, The Accountant , will...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: Should There Be an ROI on Your Training Spend?

For those of us in corporate finance, ‘tis the season to start the annual budget planning process. As I was meeting with my staff last week to our start our first expense pass, one of my staff asked about our training budget for 2017. It was a good question and one that I have spent the...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: Transition to a (Mostly) Teaching Life

As of June 30 of this year, I am making a huge transitional jump in my CPA career, resigning as a tax partner, and becoming a full-time accounting/tax professor at Trine University . While I’ll still retain some limited client contact as a consultant/employee of my prior firm, my primary focus...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: Creative education and corporate work study methods for students

How can we continue to meet future business and economic goals in today’s complex and global environment? One way is to continue to improve and find creative methods of education for future generations. This is especially important in at-risk and disadvantaged communities. Providing inventive...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: Understanding Fraud And Upholding Integrity

I found a recent article, rather a quiz, entitled “ What’s your fraud IQ? ” in the February 2015 issue of the Journal of Accounting of interest. The quiz has appeared regularly in the JOA for several years, and if you’ve never taken it, I’d recommend that you do so. Not only will you see...