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The Smoke Detector: How can you help attract and motivate the next generation of CPAs?

Staffing continues to be a concern for the CPA profession. Numerous articles have been written about the war for talent. As an educator, the start of a new academic year always leads me to look for ways to inspire the best and brightest student to consider a career in accounting. Because most...

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The Smoke Detector: Limited Resources, Unlimited Potential?

Breaking News: In businesses of all shapes and sizes, resources are limited. The degree to which resource limitations exist may vary depending on size and industry, but even the largest companies in the most prosperous industries have resource constraints. It is the task of management to...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: What CPAs Can Learn From College Sports Recruiting

Fall is upon us which signifies college recruiting and the start of football season. The August 2016 edition of the Journal of Accountancy includes a very interesting article titled " Recruiting the best: What CPAs could learn from college coaches ." The recruiting of college athletes has...