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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: The Public Accounting Firm Dilemma

When asked to comment on the greatest business challenges they face, many CPAs, whether in public accounting or industry, often cite the ability to attract and retain talent among their greatest concerns. I know lately when I ask my colleagues in public accounting how things are going, the most common response is, “we could use more seniors and we can’t seem to find them anywhere.”

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: The Transition - What I've Learned in a Year

Last year, I made the transition from public accounting to private corporate accounting...Being in public accounting previously, I have to admit – I felt superior to my friends in private

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: Transition to a (Mostly) Teaching Life

As of June 30 of this year, I am making a huge transitional jump in my CPA career, resigning as a tax partner, and becoming a full-time accounting/tax professor at Trine University . While I’ll still retain some limited client contact as a consultant/employee of my prior firm, my primary focus will be on teaching accounting and taxation to college students. This is a daunting plunge for me after 30+ years solely in public accounting, but one that I hope I will find as challenging and mind-stretching as I have found my full-time public accounting life