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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: What is Competency-Based Training?

need for competency-based training. A...Society’s competency-based courses in...above competency-based courses. On November...competency-based model of CPE for license renewal

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: Indiana Continues to Lead in Ethics Education

-based education count toward CPA license...continuing professional education. Ideally is not simply to see if we can sit in...competency-based or experience-based ethics

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: Proposed Replacement CPA Exam Section Sounds Familiar

Center of Excellence ® are based on the same...knowledge management and At recent Emerging Leaders In essence, the AICPA has taken a

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: Technical vs. Soft Skills - What Employers Are Looking For

-based courses on six of the most important...these competency-based courses to be professional education I’ve ever...The competency-based courses were