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The Smoke Detector: A CPA's expanding role - from CFO to CBO

In September 2016, I discussed how the role of the CFO continues to evolve . During my tenure at Concordia, my role has shifted from chief financial officer to chief business officer (CBO) to reflect my responsibilities more accurately. I shared a one-day glimpse in the spring 2017 CPA IN...

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The Smoke Detector: Small Business Checklist - Contractors or Employees?

The bank account is open, the name is on the building, the product is ready to be sold, and the CPA and attorney have been hired. The small business checklist has been completed. Initially, a small business owner may be the only person working in the business to keep costs down. However,...

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The Smoke Detector: Innovation in CPA Nation – We’re accountants…we’re not creative!

INCPAS has been focusing on Innovation now for a while, and when my time came to contribute to the Smoke Detector blog, I had just opened up the Indianapolis Business Journal ’s Innovation issue. What timing, right? It is their third annual Innovation issue, which is truly inspiring. I just...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: The CPA as a Leader and Trusted Business Advisor

Now that I am 10 months into my role as chief financial officer at Concordia Educational Association (CEA) dba Concordia Lutheran High School , I want to share the inner workings of a private school and what role a CPA can play as both a leader and trusted business advisor. Liken to my days as...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: Do You Know How Blockchain is Changing Business?

During the most recent Professional Issues Update last fall, Gary Bolinger introduced blockchain as an emerging technology. Did any of you fellow PIU attendees catch this? I listened and wondered what is blockchain, and also if Gary was off his rocker? I have heard of bitcoin but not...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: The Transition - What I've Learned in a Year

Last year, I made the transition from public accounting to private corporate accounting. The time has flown by since then and I’ve learned a lot of things along the way. Here are a few of them … First, CPAs and other accountants work hard. Being in public accounting previously, I...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: See What Technology Can Do For You

What is the overarching goal in a for-profit business? You can find the answer within the question – profit. While organizations focus on client and customer satisfaction, product development and operational activities on a daily basis, business owners are primarily concerned with the...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: Small business checklist can help with start-ups

For the last 15 years that I have been working as a CPA, I’ve often heard many clients state that they either want to start their own business or have already started their own business. The question that always follows is “what should I do now in order to have a successful business?...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: What Does Your Leadership Transition Plan Look Like?

During the past several years, our profession, like many others, has identified the need for an orderly and effective transition of leadership to the next generation of professionals as a critically important business issue. While much attention has been focused on this issue recently, the need...