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The Smoke Detector: Helping Shape the Minds of Future Leaders and Professionals

Over the years, I have written articles spanning many different areas. As I looked ahead and contemplated my next topic, I reached out to the Indiana CPA Society to see what might interest our readers. As I returned to the classroom this fall having taken a year off from teaching, I too thought...

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The Smoke Detector: Succeeding is Caring

Just this past May, as a CPA exiting busy season, inevitable reflection ensues regarding the past year. Either irony, fate, or pure coincidence led to ESPN’s 30 for 30 series premiering their documentary “One and Not Done” covering the University of Kentucky men’s basketball program. Despite...

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The Smoke Detector: A CPA's expanding role - from CFO to CBO

In September 2016, I discussed how the role of the CFO continues to evolve . During my tenure at Concordia, my role has shifted from chief financial officer to chief business officer (CBO) to reflect my responsibilities more accurately. I shared a one-day glimpse in the spring 2017 CPA IN...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: It Was the Stress of Times, it Was the Worst of Times

It was the stress of times, it was the worst of times. CPAs may make this slight alteration to the Charles Dickens classic, Tale of Two Cities . The parallels stop there, however, between the war accounting professionals call “busy season” and the French Revolution. Our worst of times are...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: The CPA as a Leader and Trusted Business Advisor

Now that I am 10 months into my role as chief financial officer at Concordia Educational Association (CEA) dba Concordia Lutheran High School , I want to share the inner workings of a private school and what role a CPA can play as both a leader and trusted business advisor. Liken to my days as...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: What Does Your Leadership Transition Plan Look Like?

During the past several years, our profession, like many others, has identified the need for an orderly and effective transition of leadership to the next generation of professionals as a critically important business issue. While much attention has been focused on this issue recently, the need...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: A Young Pro's Journey

Thirty – this year, I turned the big 3-0. Although I still consider myself a young professional, I realized this year I have been in the CPA profession for seven years. Seven years of experience being a young professional. The Indiana CPA Society has given me the opportunity to teach a...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: Leadership 101 Checklist

Leadership is one of those so-called “soft skills” that can be hard if you don’t work at it. It’s also one of those skills that is getting ever more important as the business world gets ever more complex. Have you resolved to be a better leader in 2016? Where do you fall on the leadership...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: Tax Season Is Finally Over ... Let's Get To Work!

Now that tax season has come and gone, many of us in public accounting will turn our attention to working “on” our firms rather than working “in” them. With the coming of May many of us turn our attention to planning for the future. Unfortunately, depending on the overall results for tax season,...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: Exceptional Leadership is More Than A Title

Stop and think for a couple minutes about the following question. Who would you identify as an exceptional leader? Now that you have identified an individual, take a few minutes to consider the qualities that make this individual an outstanding leader. What characteristics does this...

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