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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: Moving Toward a New Learning Model

Change is never easy. However, to improve and progress, change is necessary. From my time serving on the AICPA Council, it was very apparent Indiana was a leader in the profession. This is again true with the historic rule change adopted by the Board of Accountancy in July, signed by Gov....

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: Technical vs. Soft Skills - What Employers Are Looking For

When you think of soft skills, do you cringe? You know you need them, but how do you find time to develop them? Well, it’s time to start looking at your soft skill set and how they relate to your employer’s needs. Multiple surveys have been conducted with executive level officers and...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: Digital Badges Demonstrate Competency

The AICPA has developed new certificate programs specific to employee benefit plan audits and single audits. According to the AICPA’s Frequently Asked Questions related to the employee benefit plan (EBP) certificates, “these programs provide a way for audit practitioners to demonstrate...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: Upcoming Changes to the CPA Exam Revisited

It was only last August when I wrote about the upcoming changes to the Uniform CPA Exam coming up in 2017. Believe it or not, we are now only one year away from this happening! Has there been any talk amongst your CPA candidates at your office? If so, you are probably only hearing that it...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: Indiana Continues to Lead in Ethics Education

Change .... Improvement ... Progress …That is what is happening. As you know we have an ethics requirement as part of our continuing professional education. Ideally this education is not simply to see if we can sit in a room for a period of time to get credit. Rather, it is to improve our...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: Moving On Up ... But Where and How?

As sure as George Jefferson was “moving on up, to the East Side, to a deee-luxe apartment in the sky,” many staff, senior and manager level employees will be finding themselves “moving on up” to new promoted positions over the course of the next several months. As busy season winds down and...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: What is Competency-Based Training?

For a few years now we have been hearing from the Indiana CPA Society about the need for competency-based training. A year ago, the Society was able to get the Indiana Board of Accountancy to accept the Society’s competency-based courses in Collaboration & Networking, Communication Skills,...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: Proposed Replacement CPA Exam Section Sounds Familiar

As described in a recent Journal of Accountancy article , the next version of the Uniform CPA Examination could replace the current Business Environment and Concepts (BEC) section with an integrated, blended assessment of auditing, financial accounting and reporting, and taxation. The revised...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: Exceptional Leadership is More Than A Title

Stop and think for a couple minutes about the following question. Who would you identify as an exceptional leader? Now that you have identified an individual, take a few minutes to consider the qualities that make this individual an outstanding leader. What characteristics does this...

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