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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: Upcoming Changes to the CPA Exam Revisited

Uniform CPA Exam coming up in 2017. Believe...take longer to take the exams (at least for...Intent in preparation for the CPA Exam rule...CPA Exam passed before the changes occur

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: Proposed Replacement CPA Exam Section Sounds Familiar

reporting, and taxation. The revised exam would...a 24-month exam completion possible exam months, not currently...attempt within the same time frame. The exam...Exam. At the same time, I value our

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: Critical Thinking Part of the New CPA Exam

Exam has undergone the first major revision...since 2011. The revised exam will be...revising the exam. The new version of the...CPA Exam will emphasize critical thinking...Because the new exam reflects these