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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: The CPA as a Leader and Trusted Business Advisor

Now that I am 10 months into my role as chief financial officer at Concordia Educational Association (CEA) dba Concordia Lutheran High School , I want to share the inner workings of a private school and what role a CPA can play as both a leader and trusted business advisor. Liken to my days as...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: Countdown to the Top 10 Blogs of 2016

As with every year, several topics arose during 2016 that garnered the attention of our profession. We have an informative library of well-written articles on our CPA Center of Excellence® Online Community , which made narrowing the selection a fun exercise. From bold challenges and...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: Role of the CFO Continues to Evolve

Colleagues routinely ask about my transition from public accounting to a role that combines business operations and education. Serving as CFO at Concordia Lutheran High School continues to fascinate me and allows the opportunity to bring together my experiences with accounting, business,...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: Teamwork Key to Successful Business Office

This past week, I attended a National Business Officer Institute conference at Harpeth Hall School in Nashville, Tennessee. I had the opportunity to connect with business officers from across the nation during our week-long immersion of study covering accounting, finance, tax,...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: Job Rotation for CPAs and Accounting Professionals

Have you ever thought about job rotations as a method to retain your top financial team members? Is it even beneficial for your accounting staff to participate in a job rotation outside of the accounting function? I think that we can all agree that the finance team within a company...