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The Smoke Detector: Managing a Competitive Mindset

How competitive are you? It’s easy to turn anything into a competition - from a seemingly friendly game of ping-pong, to your grades at school, to the experience you have on your resume. As you move through your accounting career, there will be no shortage of competition. Maintaining a...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: What Do You Think of When You Think of a CPA?

I asked a breakfast networking group a few weeks ago, “What do you think of when you think of a CPA?” We all know the stereotype. We’ve heard it from our families, friends and business acquaintances for years. CPAs are all about the numbers and love nothing more than being...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: Should There Be an ROI on Your Training Spend?

For those of us in corporate finance, ‘tis the season to start the annual budget planning process. As I was meeting with my staff last week to our start our first expense pass, one of my staff asked about our training budget for 2017. It was a good question and one that I have spent the...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: Are You in the Driver's Seat of Your Profession or Only Doing Laps?

Soon we’ll hear legendary names such as Foyt, Andretti, Unser, among others, being praised and celebrated as this year marks the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500 . One website is even producing a different headline and memory relative to the 500’s history prior to the event for 100 days....

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: Innovation - Are you where you should be?

When it comes to innovation in the CPA profession, I believe Bob Dylan said it best; “For the times, they are a-changin’.” New trends across the spectrum of the CPA profession are changing the way that we do business as CPAs. This was a topic of conversation at the Professional Issues Update ...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: What is a Trusted Business Advisor?

For the past several years the Indiana CPA Society has been promoting CPAs as trusted business advisors. In our strategic planning document INCPAS 2025 we have articulated a vision of the Indiana CPA Society as “Home of the most trusted professionals.” In addition, we have identified four...

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: Exceptional Leadership is More Than A Title

Stop and think for a couple minutes about the following question. Who would you identify as an exceptional leader? Now that you have identified an individual, take a few minutes to consider the qualities that make this individual an outstanding leader. What characteristics does this...

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