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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: Upcoming Changes to the CPA Exam Revisited

It was only last August when I wrote about the upcoming changes to the Uniform CPA Exam coming up in 2017...As a bit of added news, the Indiana Board of Accountancy just last Friday issued a Notice of Intent in preparation for the CPA Exam rule changes

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: Proposed Replacement CPA Exam Section Sounds Familiar

As the business world continues to change, it pleases me to read that the AICPA continues to reevaluate the CPA Exam

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THE SMOKE DETECTOR: CPA Profession Top Priorities for 2015

However, what has developed as a more prominent priority in regards to human capital in the CPA profession is the number of candidates taking the CPA Exam . It is noted in the interview that we have had six consecutive years of record numbers of students majoring in accounting, however, for the last three years, essentially the same number have taken the CPA Exam

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The Smoke Detector: My Passion

I was talking to a tax accountant who was also finishing her degree and she confided in me that she could not understand why anyone would work toward an accounting degree and sit for the CPA exam if they were not going to do tax

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The Smoke Detector: Can Critical Thinking be taught at the Collegiate Level – Anyone?... Anyone?...

Within the accounting world, the quest for critical thinking has filtered into the newly revised CPA exam