Why We Love What We Do

By Terry Bush posted 04-07-2017 19:57


I originally posted this in our firm's website on March 6, 2017, and I thought I'd share it with INCPAS as well.

Here at Kruggel Lawton CPAs, as we enter the month of March - well into the heart of "tax season" - our team is working at peak performance. This is both marvelous to behold and wonderful to be involved in. Two recent events reinforced in my mind why we in the accounting profession love what we do - even during our most stressful and difficult time of the year.

It's About Relationships

The first was when my colleague Alex Schaeffer was recognized as the Young Business Leader of the Year by the Cornerstone Chamber of Commerce (in the St. Joseph-Benton Harbor, MI area). Following the event, he was quoted in a Herald-Palladium newspaper article saying:

"I work with a lot of people and really enjoy that about my job.  I love to meet with the people.  I mean, taxes are great, but talking to people is better."

Alex's comments illustrate the delight that a profession replete with interaction can provide. Mastering and applying technically challenging tax and accounting knowledge can be rewarding on its own. However, constantly meeting and working with a wide variety of people - clients, colleagues, and other business professionals - brings that to life and gives our work meaning.

Happy CLients

The other event was the following note written by one of our clients on an invoice they sent in along with payment for our services:

"Your firm, and especially Monica, did a fine job for our family over the past 12 years."

I know my colleague Monica Brickel feels good about this feedback, and she should. The rest of us share it vicariously, and we strive to earn it ourselves.

Called to Serve

What it underscores for me is that our calling is to serve, and not only our clients.

  • We serve others - investors, family members, business partners, and lenders - who rely on the integrity and excellence of our work.
  • We serve each other within our own firm as we continually share knowledge, pitch in to help one another, and collaborate to deliver for our clients.
  • We serve our communities by helping clients grow and create jobs to support families, and we lend our time, knowledge and resources to a wide array of non-profit organizations that enrich our region.

Why do we love what we do? To me, countless opportunities to serve and interact with so many talented and inspiring people are a big reason. Why do you love what you do?