THE SMOKE DETECTOR: Breathe Easy and Soak It All In

By Nancy Morton posted 02-28-2017 17:29


At our firm, we just celebrated the half way mark for busy season. Sometimes we become so focused on reaching the end of busy season that we forget to embrace the journey. This happens in both our professional and personal lives. Instead, we need to pause, embrace the moment, and breathe.
Too often, we are striving for the next milestone, the next deadline, the next achievement. We see life as a series of end dates vs. the journey. We believe that life will become less stressful and complicated as soon as our child sleeps through the night, the project at work is complete, or the next holiday is over. “As soon as” life will slow down. We forget that the majority of life takes place during the journey and that the end results are usually over in a matter of minutes.

For example, a pitcher can throw a perfect game. That game ends faster than you can imagine. But life is more about the hours and hours of practice and working together as team in order to get the opportunity to pitch a perfect game. It is often that the end results do not matter nearly as much as the journey itself.

For those of us in the midst of busy season, we should take a moment to breathe and enjoy the journey. Take the time to enjoy the team dinners at the office and working together as a unit during busy season or any large project for that matter. The laughter and camaraderie is what you will remember once you retire more than the specific project. The process of overcoming an obstacle and learning a new skill is just as important as completing the project.

In our personal lives, we need to embrace the times at the middle of the night when we have quieted a small child, the peace of holding our baby, and the quiet dinner conversations with our loved ones. This time in our lives will only last for a short period of time. The conversations we have with our teenagers in the car before they can drive themselves are memories that will last a lifetime.

In our professional lives, even driving in early in the morning during busy season when there are few people on the road can be a time of peace and reflection. When or where do you find time for peace and reflection during your busiest periods at work? How does this help you manage the stress and anxiety you may be facing?

Don’t miss out on the best parts of life because you’re too eager to get to the end result. That’s my advice. Take the time to breath and enjoy the journey. Not only will that help reduce the stress in both your personal and professional lives, but it will allow you the opportunities to continue to grow and learn. Busy season will be over before you know it. Make sure that you have taken away from it all that you can.

As a very smart person once said, “A ship is always safe at shore, but that is not what it’s built for.” (Albert Einstein)

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